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FINNEY 101 Discipleship Study Questions



1. Are we required to produce any new natural attributes? ___________________________.

2. Is Christian perfection freedom from temptation?____________________________.

3. All sin consists in ___________________________________________________________.

4. The perfection required is not the ______________________________________________________ .

5. Christian perfection is _______________________________________________________________ .

6. What is being just as morally perfect as God is?__________________________________________ .

7. God has created us moral beings in His own image, capable of _______________________________ .

8. This rule requires us to have ____________________________________________________

to love ____________________________________________________________________.

This, and nothing else, is ________________________________________________.

9. When would God give us a license to sin? _________________________________________________ .

10. Is Christian perfection attainable in this life? _____________________________________________.

11. What is moral inability? ______________________________________________________________ .

12. The moral perfection required is only a perfect ___________________________________________ .

13. When we speak of inability to do a thing, we mean _______________________________________ .

To say therefore, that we are ____________________________ is ___________________________.

14. When are the bonds in the Christian life broken? _________________________________________


15 What is perfectionism? ______________________________________________________________


16. From the Bible, no man can show that God does not ____________________________________

____________________________________________________________________________ .

17. Looking at the Bible, you will be astonished to see how ________________________________

____________________________________________________________________________ .

18. Why have we lost sight of the real meaning of scriptures? ______________________________


19. __________________________________ is the great blessing promised throughout the Bible.


For By These He Has Granted To Us His Precious And Magnificent Promises, In Order That By Them You Might Become Partakers Of The Divine Nature, Having Escaped The Corruption That Is In The World By Lust. 1 Peter 1:4

And In Him You Were Also Circumcised With A Circumcision Made Without Hands, In The Removal Of The Body Of The Flesh By The Circumcision Of Christ. Colossians 2:11

Then I Will Sprinkle Clean Water On You, And You Will Be Clean; I Will Cleanse You From All Your Filthiness And From All Your Idols. Moreover, I Will Give You A New Heart And Put A New Spirit Within You; And I Will Remove The Heart Of Stone From Your Flesh And Give You A Heart Of Flesh. Ezekiel 36:24,25

And I Will Cleanse Them From All Their Iniquity By Which They Have Sinned Against Me, And I Will Pardon All Their Iniquities By Which They Have Sinned Against Me, And By Which They Have Trans- Gressed Against Me. Jeremiah 33:8

"Behold, Days Are Coming," Declares The Lord, "When I Will Make A New Covenant With The House Of Israel And With The House Of Judah, Not Like The Covenant Which I Made With Their Fathers In The Day I Took Them By The Hand To Bring Them Out Of The Land Of Egypt, My Covenant Which They Broke, Although I Was A Husband To Them," Declares The Lord. "But This Is The Covenant Which I Will Make With The House Of Israel After Those Days," Declares The Lord, "I Will Put My Law Within Them, And On Their Heart I Will Write It; And I Will Be Their God, And They Shall Be My People. And They Shall Not Teach Again, Each Man His Neighbor And Each Man His Brother Saying, 'Know The Lord' For They Shall All Know Me, From The Least Of Them To The Greatest Of Them," Declares The Lord, "For I Will Forgive Their Iniquity, And Their Sin I Will Remember No More." Jeremiah 31:31-34 / Hebrews 8:8-12


20. The seal of the covenant with Abraham, _______________________________________,

shows us what was the principal blessing intended: ________________________________ .

21. What is the principal blessing promised to the world thru the Messiah?


22. What was the great objective of the Messiah's coming? _____________________________________ .

23. If Holiness is not attainable in this world, it is either:

A. _________________________________________________________________ or,

B. ____________ _____________________________________________________

24. The greatest difficulty is when ________________________________________________________

and ___________________________________________________________________________.

25. This obstacle is great and not power ____________________________________________________

_________________________________________can overcome it.

26. Christians don't believe _______________________________________________________________

They know He ____________________________________________________________________ .

But they think He is ________________________________________________________.

They say, "________________________________________________________________________".

27. Hunger and thirst after holiness ___________________________________________________.

The desire of a thing ___________________________________________________________ .

28. Are we to seek holiness by resolutions, fastings, prayer and activities? ______________________.

29. The Holy Spirit is present to enlighten, ____________________, ____________________,

______________________, and fill ___________________________________________ .




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