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FINNEY 101 Discipleship Study Questions




1. If you have built your Christian life on a false foundation, your fundamental error

was ___________________________________________________________________________

2. With a false hope, you are in danger of_______________________________________________

3. If you intend to get right, you must see_______________________________________________

4. TRUE SUBMISSION to God is not_________________________________________

5. No two things can be more opposite: __________________and_____________________

6. Some suppose that true submission includes the idea of being________________________________

7. To be willing to be _________________is itself a______________________________________

8. And to be willing to do anything for the_______________________________________

is to choose____________________________________________________________

9. The idea of being _____________________________________is______________________.

10. If we were in a world with no possible redemption, it would be our duty


11. But as it is, why does genuine submission not imply a willingness to be


12. TRUE SUBMISSION consists in_____________________________________________________

whether relating_____________, ______________________, or______________________________

13. TRUE SUBMISSION implies______________________________________________________


14. Here we must carefully make the distinction between a___________________________________

to _____________________________________and______________________________________

15. God has made our minds so that it is ________________________________________________

and not________________________________________________________________

16. True acquiescence to God's moral law includes_________________________________________

17. What is the very point in debate between God and the sinner? _____________________________

18. What is the first idea implied in submission? _________________________________

19. Who is a rebel against God? ______________________________________________


20. What does the law of God absolutely require? __________________________________________________

21. The gospel requires______________________________________________________

22. Many maintain that it is right____________________________________________, and


23. God's law requires everyone to prize________________________________________

24. What does "Seek ye first the Kingdom of god, and His righteousness require?


25. What is the important distinction regarding Mark 10:29-30? We must_______________


26. Love has no ___________________ end, but seeks____________________________________

27. Without this kind of benevolence, we know___________________________________________

28. Why the threatenings of scripture? ___________________________________________________________

29. When the Holy Spirit gets the attention, then He________________________________________________

30. To resist the wrath of God is______________________________________

31. Happiness consists in__________________________________________________________

32. For virtuous desires to be gratified, the thing__________________________________

33. To be happy, the desires that are gratified must be __________________and must be_____________

34. For true happiness: there must be____________________________. If the desire is

not virtuous ______________________________________ and ______________________________.

35. If everyone pursues his own happiness as the ultimate goal, the ______________________________________

36. The only way to secure our own happiness is to__________________________________________________

37. The question is not____________________________________________________

but, ____________________________________________________________

38. What are the two conditions to receive the offer of god's mercy?_____________________________


39. The gospel requires sinners to yield to_______________________________________

40. Submission consists in ______________________________________________and regarding


41. What is the duty of every sovereign? _______________________________________________________

42. God requires that you acknowledge __________________________and leave your future


43. TRUE SUBMISSION requires complete______________________________________________

44. The truth of the law and the gospel is they both require__________________________________

45. Faith is NOT believing ____________________________________________________________

46. Many anxious sinners despair because _______________________________________________

47. What drives sinners to despair? ___________________________________________________


48. Is despair consistent with true submission? ____________________________________________

49. The true ground for salvation is that a man____________________________________________

50. Only what can bring sinners to obey the law? __________________________________

51. Only what is calculated to subdue the rebellious heart of man?______________________

52. The law makes_________________. Only ____________can draw souls to truly obey God.



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