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FINNEY 101 Discipleship Study Questions




1. What is man's natural state before conversion? _________________________________

2. SELFISHNESS is_______________________________________________________

3. Selfish men place their own happiness above ___________________________________

4. The interests of __________________________and___________________________

are of greater_____________________.

5. Why does every man know that all other men are selfish? __________________________


6. BENEVOLENCE is______________________________________________________

7. An individual who is converted is ____________________and not__________________

8. God is love, all His moral attributes are only___________________________________

9. By disinterested benevolence is NOT meant that _________________________________


10. Why does God make His creatures happy? _____________________________________


11. The disinterested man feels happy_________________________________________

12. BENEVOLENCE is _________________________________________________.

13. The leading feature of the character of the converted man is________________________

14. TRUE CONVERSION is a ___________________from__________________________________

to _________________________

15. Do the converted and unconverted aim at the same end?__ _____________________

16. Can a man change his means but have the same end?_____ _____________________

17. Why might a man take up religion?_________________________________________

18. What gives character to an act?___________________________________________

19. The true convert chooses as the end of his pursuit_________________________________

and _______________________________________He views this as

a___________________________________than his ________________.

He prefers______________________________

because it is_____________________________________

20. True benevolence and holiness will appear in __________________________________

21. If we are ______________with men, then we are ___________with God. 1 John 4:20

22. If our daily transactions show us to be ______________we are____________________.


23. In regard to Christianity, some men act like a ______________ taking_______________.

They desire___________________, and know_____________________________

or die. They would never do it__________________________________________

24. In a time of general coldness in the church, real Christians________________________

__________________________. But the deceived person


25. When the church awakes, the deceived person is compelled to_______________________


26. If you are selfish, your enjoyments are mostly from_____________________________

_________________________________, ______________________________

27. When does a selfish person enjoy his faith? ____________________________________


28. The true saint enjoys _______________________________because heaven has______________


29. His enjoyment is in proporation to __________________not in proportion to his_______________

30. The deceived person has only a _____________________________________.

31. On what does confidence in the Lord's promises depend? ___________________________

32. Governments, of any kind, are obeyed on only what 2 principles? ________________and__________

In one case, individuals obey from ________________________and______________

____________________. In the other they obey from the_____________________________


33. The one who only submits to salvation, his religion is____________________________________

34. The true difference between true saints and deceived people is: one is__________________

and_____________________, the other is of the________________, __________________

35. To regardyour own happiness according to its relative value, put it___________________

______________________________________________and then ___________________


36. Your happiness consists mainly in_________________________________________

37. To be virtuous, your desires must be_____________________________________.

38. If you aim at doing good for its own sake, then you will____________________________

39. The truth is, God has made man so he must____________________________________


40. Why do men fail to be happy?_____________________________________________

41. What was the joy set before Christ?________________________________________


42. Who does Jesus call reprobate?____________________________________________


43. To what degree will a person be happy?______________________________________________________

44. God requires ___________________, that is, to______________________________


45. True repentance requires ____________________________and_________________________________

not __________________________or_______________________________

46. Some view the gospel as a matter of____________________________________




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