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FINNEY 101 Discipleship Study Questions




1. True repentance: it involves a change of _________________respecting the__________________________

followed by a__________________________________________

2. Feeling is the result of ___________________________________.

3. ____________________, which God requires, must spring from______________________________

4. One who truly repents looks at his own conduct as___________________________________________

5. Sinners don't see why______________________________________________________________

6. Why cannot sinners see why God thinks sin is worthy of everlasting judgment? _______________________


7. What always precedes true repentance?__________________________________________________

8. When we see that sin injures ourselves and everybody else, the only remedy is_______________________


9. Repentance implies _______________________________________in regard to________________


10. The sinner does not believe that______________________________________________________

11. The truly repentant not only sees sin as _____________________________, ______________________,

worthy of _________________________, but he hates_____________________________________________ .

12. A person may see sin as hurtful and abominable and still_______________, _____________________

_________________and _________________________________

13. If your repentance is genuine:

A. You have a conscious change____________________________________________________

B. The prevailing __________________________________is__________________________

C. It leads to ____________________________________and_____________________________________

D. It produces a permanent ___________________________________and____________________________

E. The love of sin is ___________________________________________________________

14. False repentance has respect for the individual's own_______________________________________

_______________and has no regard_______________________________________________

15. The root of false repentance is ___________________________________________________.

16. False repentance leaves the feelings _____________________________and the disposition to sin in the

heart ______________________ and__________________________________.

17. One who falsely repents abstains from sin not from ___________________of it, but from


18. The change produced by worldly sorrow extends only ______________________________________


19. The change produced by false repentance is________________________________________.

20. The change produced by false repentance is not only ________________________ and __________________,

it is also ____________________________ and__________________________________.

21. False repentance leads to____________________________________________________

22. Many have mistaken _______________________________for _______________________________

and the _____________________________for that Godly sorrow.

23. Why are so many false repentants grieved? _____________________________________________


24. Is there a radical difference between a backslidden Christian and a hypocrite? ___________________

25. The hypocrite loves________________________________________.

26. The backslider loses his___________________________, falls prey to_______________ falls prey

to_______________. and________________________. But, he does not__________________________.

27. Why are convicted sinners afraid to pledge themselves to give up their sins? _____________________________


28. What do you do when you are willing to give up sin? You do not hesitate to______________________

_______________and have all the world know that__________________________________.




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