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FINNEY 101 Discipleship Study Questions



1. Men are bound to ______________ their neighbors for sin, or they become _____________________

or accessories to their sin.

2. If a man loves the universe and is motivated by love, he knows that ______________________

is ____________________ with the ___________________________________ of the universe.

3. __________ for the particular people with whom you are ______________________should lead you to reprove sin.

4. Love for your ____________________________________________ demands it.

5. Love for the ________________ prompts us to _______________________ of the ____________________

of his actions.

6. If you see your neighbor sin and ________________________ to reprove him, it is just as ______________

as if you saw his house on fire, and ________________ by _______________ warning him.

7. Seeing rebellion and not _________________ a ____________________

to oppose it is itself ________________________.

8. If you see a man about to __________ his neighbor and do____________ prevent it, you ______________

and are an accessory.

9. Silence is _______________. Sinners do regard it as ______________________ for what they do.

10. No man keeps the ____________ of ______________ or keeps his __________________ clear

who sees sin and does not reprove it.

11. When God says "thou shalt in any wise ______________________ thy neighbor,"

He means there is _______________________________.

12. This command is addressed to all men who ______________________________.

13. Some ____________________ to this rule are:

A. "Reprove not a _________________"

B. Some men are in such a "swinish" state of _________ that to talk to them about the Lord
would be at once ____________ and _______________. Leave such men _____________

C. Leave alone those full of _____________ and __________________,

satisfied with their own _______________ and _____________..

They cannot be _____________________ by any ________________________.

14. When reproving your neighbor, claim no right of ____________________ over him, but reprove

him in the __________ of the _____________________, and for the _______________________ of God.

15. When will the sinner invariably rise against you and resist? _______________________________________

16. __________________________ should enter deeply in the __________________ of administering reproof.

17. The ___________________ of the parties and their _____________________________ must be considered.

18. Remember, the _________________________ of the parties DO NOT take away the obligation of this duty.

19. If the individual is ________________________, reproof should be in the form of _________________

______________________ rather than of severe ____________________________.

20. Do you reprove a first offender different in manner than a habitual transgressor? ______________________

21. ___________ show displeasure at the transgressor that he can possibly turn into ______________ at himself.

Only show your strong displeasure at what he _____________________________________________.

22. Always have so much of the _________________________ with you that when you reprove a man for sin,

he ___________________________ it comes from _________________________________.

23. Should one reprove a stranger? _____________ In the same way as a familiar acquaintance? _____________

24. Don't _________________ people's __________________, go and ________________________ them.

25. Leaving men ____________ shows they have a _______________ greater _________________ than of God.

26. Many refuse to run the risk of being called _________________ or of ______________________________.

27. If Christians were not such __________________, absolutely ______________________

to the plain _________________ of God, one thing is certain -- either they would be ___________________

in the ______________ as _________________ because men could not bear the _____________________

of _______________, or men would be _________________.



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