To Edward Payson Marvin



[MS in Charles G. Finney Papers, Series 2, Box 9. This is a fragment of a letter consisting of what appears to be the top half of a page 3 on one side, and the top half of a page 4 on the other. It was probably written to Edward Payson Marvin, since it was with a bunch of other letters of Finney to Marvin which had come into the possession of a gentleman in Cincinnati who donated them to Oberlin College Archives in 1982. The dates of the other letters to Marvin are in the late 1860s and 70s.]


[page 3]

a second conversion as he calls it, or

as I should call it, a fresh & deeper

work of grace in the soul; but I believe

the soul needs, may have, & many do

have, many such baptisms of the Holy

Spirit. These I regard as distinct stages

in the Divine life in the soul. I know

this by experience. I am sorry that Br. B.

[page 4]

second step in religion & had also

said there are many such steps in

the higher christian life.

Your Br. in the Lord.

C. G. Finney



Finney started to write another word after this which he crossed out.