To James Brand

9 October 1873


[Framed Ms letter in the possession of First Church in Oberlin, in the handwriting of Charles H. Churchill, with signatures in the hand-writing of the signatories.]


Oberlin O. Oct 9th. 1873.

Rev. James Brand.

Dear Brother

Having learned

that the First Cong. Church of Oberlin have extended to you

a unanimous call to become their pastor, we desire to express

to you our most cordial satisfaction in the choice they have

made, and to proffer you a hearty welcome among us,

should you decide to come.

The churches and the college have hitherto

been so intimately associated in laboring for the con-

version and spiritual training of the throng of young peo-

ple who come to Oberlin that we cannot but regard with

deepest interest every movement intended to increase the ef-

ficiency of the working force employed for this purpose.

We doubt not we shall find in you a zealous

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and able colaborer, and the brief acquaintance that

we have been able to make with you gives assurance

that our association will likewise be most agreeable and


Trusting that the Lord Jesus will be with you in the de-

cision you are called upon to make, we commend you

most earnestly to his grace.

Yours in the bonds of the gospel.

C. G. Finney

C. H. Churchill

John Morgan

Jas. H. Fairchild

H. Mead.

E. P. Barrows

James Dascomb

John M. Ellis.

Judson Smith.

W. H. Ryder