To Rebecca Rayl

4 October 1865


[MS in possession of Dr. Richard Rayle of Miami University, Oxford, Ohio]


Oberlin Wed. P.M.

4th Oct. 1865.

My Precious One,

Yours of last night & this

morning is recd. Many thanks to

you for your sweet love & your

sweet lines. O how precious & sacred

to me is the thought that I may

so soon call you my wife & really

possess you in that sacred relation.

I do not know why you did not get

a letter last night. I have duly mailed

& duly directed a letter to you every

day. Miss Ladd called on me

yesterday. She was expecting to go

out on monday but the Omnibus failed

to call for her. She was quite well.

Said she had written you. In your

letter of to day you say "I may make

any change I please in the day of

our marriage". Did I not fear to inconvenience

Sara I should prefer monday for the

reason that tuesday is election day,

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& both Oberlin & Norwalk will

be full of the crowd & of excitement.

It may not be easy to get through

without that kind of notoriety

that I dislike. We will therefore,

God willing, come out on monday

instead of tuesday. Br. Morgan

may return this week, if so, & he

is able he will come with us if

there is time to get his license put on

record. Please Darling, to ask Br.

Patten to meet us, & secure a license,

& a carriage, on monday, instead

of tuesday, if it will suit your

convenience, as I somewhat dislike

to be married, & have a wedding party

about on election day. If it will

not suit you as well please write

& say so, that I may be sure to get it

on saturday. If I do not get a

letter prefering tuesday we shall

D.V. come on monday. I must finish

this tomorrow, with God's Blessing.

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Another reason for prefering monday


is the wish to ^ you & Charles & Ange

become as much acquainted as

possible, & I do not know how soon

after monday they may be summoned

to take the Boat at Cleveland.


Thursday morning 5th Oct.

Dear Darling, I am almost shocked


at the confident ^ in which you speak

of your health. I suppose you do it

for my comfort, but you speak as if

your health was so secure that I

can not help fearing that you feel

so little dependence on God, for health

that he will be obliged to take it

away to teach you how dependent

you are. I rejoice that you are

longing for the fullness of the Holy

Spirit. This, I trust, you will soon have.

You will greatly need it in the

new position you are about to take.

I suppose Miss Ladd has gone to Warren.

She told me that she intended to

go yesterday, if she did not hear

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from you that you needed her.

I find that Charles thinks monday

& not election day should be the day,

if convenient for you & Sara.

Did you ever see a time when both

the days & nights seemed to grow longer?

Is it not the case just now.

Now dont read what I have just said

to Sara, for she will say see, he is

already beginning to worship you. He is

already getting into his dotage. Now

if my feeling so is proof of dotage what

will she say of you if just now the both

days & nights seem to grow longer.

But I think Sara has given us both

up as hopelessly committed to eachother,

at any rate. She told Mrs Henderson that

she was sorry that you loved me so much.

Mrs Dascomb told Miss Ladd that you

are like one in a first love. That you

having lived so short a time with a husband

are capable of loving like a maiden.

If Mrs. D. had been a widow she would

have learned that a widow can love more

deeply than a maiden. Do you not think

so? It were a sad commentary on marriage, if our

marriage chilled, instead of cultivating the

affections. You & I know better. Love to Bro. & sister

& as much for yourself as you please.

C. G. F.