To Julia Finney

24 March 1857


[MS in Finney Papers, Supplement # 61]


Boston 24. Mch 1857.

Dear Julia.

Your letter was

duly recd . I am so overwhelmed

with labors that I can not write

much. My strength & time are

taxed to the uttermost. So is your

mothers. For a few days we have

both felt as if we were about to

break down. But to day we both

feel much better. Ma's letter

to Ange will perhaps give you

some faint idea of what God

is doing for Boston. We yesterday

recd Norton & Jennies wedding

cards. So Norton is married.

I hope, well married. I hope we

shall be able to go & see them the

coming summer. We can not even

guess what time the Lord will

dismiss us from this field. God

has opened before us the most effectual

[page 2]

door. He has given us the confidence

& the hearts of the people that we

may do them good. And how are

you getting along. I hope you are

not neglecting your soul.

We want to see you & Ange &

all at 44. very much.

I do not know as I shall be

able to come to B. this spring.

unless it is necessary to arrange

with my Tenant concerning

the lease. By the by will

you ask James if he has

recd the lease I returned to him

& whether he has since written me.

I have recd no letter from him

since I recd the lease which I

returned, some 8. or 10. days ago.

Prehaps [sic] he has again forgotten

[page 3]

to pay postage on his letter

Will you speak to him about this

without delay. I fear that he

has so much to do that he can

not well attend to this business.

If this is so, if the terms are

settled between him & Mr. Wise &

Mr. W. is willing the matter of

the lease may remain until

I can attend to it personally.

If I can not come to B. your

mother will come. D.V. & spend

some time there. But I must

drop my pen. Love to all

at 44. Tell Ange that she

may appropriate to her dear self

as much of a Father's love

as her heart can hold.

Your aff. Father.

C, G, Finney.