To Julia Finney

2 March 1857


[MS in Finney Papers Supplement # 60]


Boston 2d March 1857.

Dear Julia

Your letter of last week

came to hand. We are glad to hear

from you, but puzzled with what you

say of your knee. Did you really

di[s]locate the joint? If so, who set it.

Why did you not give us more particulars?

You have been confined to the house.

How lame are you? Have you any

knowledge of the nature of the dis

ease that causes the socket of the

knee to slip out of joint? The

work of the Lord is greatly on the

increase here. We do not know when

we shall go home. We get Charles paper.

Did you observe that Norton got

knocked down in the street in O.

by a ruffian police man.

We want much to see you & Ange,

& all at 44. R. St. I must write

[page 2]

a few lines to James & shall enclose

a little money to you. I have recd

nothing here yet. Shall either send

or bring you some more, D.V. by the

time your quarter payment for sing

ing becomes due. We are very, very, busy.

Never more pressed with labors than

now. We are glad to hear that your

eyes have been so comfortable this

winter. Also that you are making

progress in music. I send you $20

now. If you need more before we come

on write & let me know. Julia, I

hope you are not neglecting the savior

this winter. We are laboring with & for

strangers, & God is blessing multitudes

of them. O that while this is so, our

own children may not be passed by.

May not "cast off fear, & restrain

prayer.' God bless you My Dear

Daughter - & Bless Ange & James & all

at 44. R. St. & bless your brothers

& all that are dear to your hearts.

Ma. sends love. Your aff. Father

C. G. Finney.



i.e. 44 Remsen Street, Brooklyn, the home of Hobart and Sarah Ford.